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eleanorcalders-wardrobe whispered: Hiiii! So I have saved ALOT of money the past two years an I am buying a mulberry bag, but I can't decide wether to got the small del ray or the small bayswater satchel, which one do you think I should get? Lot of love xxxx

I think you should buy the small del rey, Eleanor has one and it’s really easy to be styled too :) xxxx

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handsonmine whispered: hey

Hello! :) xx

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Anonymous whispered: Hi sophia! I was just wondering if eleanor had to wear glasses, what kind of frame will she choose? :)

Probably retangular ones and then use lenses to go out and stuff like that :) xxxxxx

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monicalovesnarry whispered: I love so much your acc so so much it's so helpful and pretty! oh wait,, can you pls help me, I'm going to a Miley Cyrus concert and idk what to wear...

Thank you sweetie! Just posted a set for you :) xxxx

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concert by sophiacscardeal featuring black leather boots
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Anonymous whispered: Sophia, what happened to your navigation, I can't find it!

Sorry! I changed the theme but but I was so tired that I slept while sorting it. Tomorrow night everything will be okay :) xxxxxx

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Hmm, this is for the giveaway. You guys would preffer a mint, vanilla or raspberry lip balm? :)

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Been absolutely obsessed with eleanor calders look latley !! X

I know how you feel haha :) xxxx

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Anonymous whispered: Hi sweetheart!! Love u blog! I recently got some Black crochet TOMS for my birthday. Any outfit ideas with that? Thanks!

Posted some outfits for you, I hope you like it :) xxxxx

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crochet black toms by sophiacscardeal featuring a leather purse
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